Maybe you already know Attack, but if you don’t, let me introduce us.
Attack was born 10 years ago when Victor&Ander opened their first fetish club in Madrid, at the iconic Querelle, where Gay fetish cruising started during the 80s in Spain. 
Attack is a magical place in which Sex, PornStars, Darkrooms, Fetish and good friends are the harvest.  As a perfect result of blending those wild ingredients grew Attack Fetish Wear. Our first garments were made for parties and friends, for them to enjoy those ecstasy moments, being confortable, while fucking!

We created a brand with strong foundation and values which rules our production.

MADE 100% in Madrid

Our workshop is located at one of the most historic neighbourhood in Madrid, surrounded by famous classic writers and artists. 
Quality and Design
Our head Industrial Designer, Oliver, is responsable of every step of the production, certifying the quality in fabrics and finishing. 


All our suppliers and machinery are exclusively European, mostly Spanish. If we can walk to buy even better!
Give us a few minutes to show you our products, You’ll love them, We are sure some will fit with your store style.   Our competitive prices, small quantity orders, and 0% VAT TAX in EU  makes us unique, as unique is our awesome fucking style!
We already have partners in Paris, Berlin, and Gran Canaria. You can be a part of our gang around Europe.  
Feel free to contact us, our sales team will be glad to give you all the information